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Montazah Palace

Royalty and Beauty: Montazah Palace in Egypt

Al Montazah Palace is one of the most important landmarks in Alexandria. You can’t miss this place, and you will see many palaces once the homes of different royal families. So it is clear that the site has been cared for and is beautiful, as is the case with the gardens of the Montazah Palace in Egypt.

Montaza Palace is known for its large and beautiful gardens and the royal palaces that are still there from when it was a palace. Because they are so big and pretty, the gardens of the Montaza Palaces are a place that people who visit Alexandria will remember.

About 46 hectares of these are around the palace. The palace is surrounded by walls on the east, west, and south, and the wall on the north goes to the Alexandrian beach. Alexandria has so much to see that you want to return to Egypt again.

About Montazah Palace

Khedive Abbas Hilmi II built the Montazah Palace in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1892. It is one of the royal palaces in Egypt. When the palace was built, it was used by Khedive Abbas Hilmi II for hunting and as a home for his friend.

In 1932, as a summer palace for King Fuad, I added the massive Al-Haramlik Palace and the royal gardens to the Montazah Palace grounds. The Egyptian royal family then used the court to stay there during the summer vacation.

History of the Montazah Palace

The Salamlek Palace was the first building on the vast grounds of Montaza Palace. It was built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the last ruler from the Muhammad Ali dynasty to hold the title of Khedive over Egypt and Sudan. It was a place for him and his friend to stay while hunting.

The grounds of Montaza Palace, which King Fuad I built in 1932 as a summer home, now include the grand palace of Al-Haramlik and royal gardens. It has two towers and a style mix of Ottoman and Florentine.

Usually, one of these towers rises above with elaborate details from the Italian Renaissance style. Each floor of the palace has long open arches that face the sea.

From the middle of the 1800s until 1952, Mohammed Ali’s family lived in this palace while they were in charge. It has been in the family since 1892 when King Abbas II built it in the Salamlek neighborhood at his request.

The mix of its shapes shows that the palace was heavily influenced by the architecture of the Ottoman Empire and the style of Florence.

In 1932, King Fouad got the order to build Haremlik, a much bigger palace. The task of building a bridge to the sea fell to his son, King Farouk.

Whose job was it to hold the water when the tide came in? The palace buildings are not open to the public, but the gardens and beach are.

President Anwar El-Sadat fixed up the original Salamlek Palace as the official presidential residence, and former President Hosni Mubarak recently stayed there.

The Haramlek

Montazah Palace

The site is home to the Haramlek, a casino, a museum, and the Montazah Gardens Royal Field Inquiry. The Salamlek is another high-end hotel on the palace grounds, and it is a popular choice among the many people who come to the ancient city.

Al-Haramlik Montaza Palace is a public museum that shows the history and art of the Muhammad Ali family. Now, a hotel is next to the Salamlek Palace.

The gardens of Montazah Palace in Alexandria

Montazah Royal Gardens is known for its beautiful gardens and royal palaces. Even though the gardens are part of the Montazah Palace’s more than 350-acre grounds, the Montaza Royal Garden takes up more than half of the property.

Then it’s a place to find out about and look around peacefully as you walk through Alexandria. In these gardens, you’ll find a natural kingdom worth admiring. There are many tall palm trees, and gazelles roam around with much poise.

How to get to Montaza Palace Gardens, Egypt?

You can take a tour or a taxi to get to Alexandria’s most important places.

Where is the Montazah Palace located?

Montaza Palace and al Montazh Park in Alexandria are also near the water, so you can quickly get to beautiful beaches and the warm Mediterranean Sea.

The property has an enclosed cove with a specially built deck that lets small pleasure boats quickly get in and out of the bay without worrying about rough water out in the open water. Also, a cute lighthouse helps boats get out of the cove safely.

The Royal Gardens in Alexandria are a bit of an outlier when it comes to urban parks and public spaces. They are well-planned and come with benches, wading pools, and swimming pools that anyone can use.

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