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Holiday Package to Cairo: Live a Unique Travel Experience

Our exceptional Cairo Holiday Packages will embark you on a remarkable adventure to Cairo, Egypt. We are dedicated to providing an extraordinary travel experience where this bustling city’s ancient wonders come alive before you. Whether... Read More

Best Cairo Holiday Packages: Discover the Essence of Cairo

Uncover the magic of Cairo with our all-inclusive holiday packages. Book your Cairo tour today and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Cairo 3 Day Tour – Cairo City Break

From$320Start From
3 Days 2 Nights
Availability : Everyday
One of our best tours is a 3 day trip to Cairo. You will see how great Cairo really is and get to know some of the most famous buildings in the world. Visit the ancient Coptic churches and Islamic mosques in the city, and then go see the impressive Pyramids of Giza. The Egyptian Museum is a great place to visit. Shop at Khan El Khalili Bazaar. All this and more will be part of your 3-day Cairo tour Package.
(15 Reviews)
Get -$50 OFF

Cairo Short Break: 4-Day Cairo Tour

From$455Start From
4 Days 3 Nights
Availability : Everyday
Our tour packages in Cairo for 4 days will provide you with an opportunity to see the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cairo, you will get to explore the charming attraction of Coptic and Islamic monuments and visit the great pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the city of Memphis, the Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, Khan Al-Khalili and many more. Don't miss out and book with us now.
(17 Reviews)
10% OFF

5 Day Tour of Cairo – Explore Cairo Like a Local

From$560Start From
5 Days 4 Nights
Availability : Everyday
Enjoy your 5 days Cairo tour, visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, then go to the Royal Necropolis of Saqqara to see the oldest pyramid ever found, the Step Pyramid of Djoser. Visit the huge Egyptian Museum that contains more than 100,000 ancient items, such as mummies, found in tombs and temples across the country. Finally, get ready to shop like you've never shopped before and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of one of the oldest markets in the world.
(16 Reviews)
Get 5% OFF

5 Day Cairo and Luxor Tour Package

From$840Start From
5 Days 4 Nights
Availability : Everyday
Welcome to your 5-day tour of Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, from Cairo to Luxor. Start your trip in Cairo, where you can see some of the most famous places in the world. Step into the famous Pyramids of Giza, stand between the legs of the powerful Great Sphinx, see the amazing Egyptian Museum, and then visit the Valley of the Kings that includes the tomb of King Tutankhamun and more than 60 other royal tombs. Explore the ancient city of temples at Karnak, where you can see Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, and much more.
(16 Reviews)

6 Day Cairo, Luxor and Aswan with Abu Simbel

From$1,050Start From
6 Days 5 Nights
Availability : Everyday
Join us on a six-day tour of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan with Abu Simbel where you will see the most important archaeological sites. From the pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the tomb of King Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings near Luxor to the huge temples of Abu Simbel carved into the rocks in Aswan. And see other archaeological sites that you will not forget.
(20 Reviews)

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  • My trip to egypt was nothing short of extraordinary, and I am truly grateful for your service and attention to detail you provided. When I arrived in Egypt, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality. The transfers from the airport were smooth and efficient, and I was immediately whisked away to my accommodations. 

    John Marchel
  • I had the most incredible experience with Egypt Planners on my recent trip to Giza Pyramids. The tour was very organized, and our guide Sara, was amazing. From start to finish, they exceeded my expectations. Our driver Ahmed was very professional and kind. I can’t recommend Egypt Planners enough for an unforgettable…..

    Morgan G
    Solo Traveler
  • I recently enjoyed taking a half-day Giza Pyramids tour with Egypt Planners, and I cannot recommend it more highly. Our tour guide, Sarah, was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the pyramids and Egyptian history. He made the tour informative and enjoyable, and he was always happy to answer our questions.

    David p
  • Our experience with Ahmed and the Egypt Planners was amazing! Ahmed was so attentive, friendly, helpful and kind. Everything we needed and anywhere we wanted to go, Ahmed took care of us and made sure we went around Cairo and all the major sightseeings passing through the best and more scenic routes…

    Debora C
  • As a solo female traveler, my top priorities are safety and a memorable experience. Egypt Planners delivered both flawlessly on my recent Giza Pyramids tour. Sarah was a knowledgeable guide, and funny and seamless organization made it a 5-star adventure I’ll cherish forever. Highly recommended!

    Amelia T
  • We recently took a half-day tour of the Giza Pyramids with our family and had a wonderful time. Our tour guide, Ahmed, was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Egyptian history. He took us to all the major sites, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple. He also told us many interesting stories…

    John M

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Related FAQs to Cairo Holiday Packages All Inclusive

Are Cairo holiday packages budget-friendly?

Cairo offers a range of holiday packages catering to different budgets. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or luxury experiences, you can find suitable packages. Researching and comparing other packages is advisable to find the best deals that align with your budget and preferences.

What are some must-visit landmarks in Cairo?

Cairo is rich in historical and cultural landmarks. Some must-visit attractions include:

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: These ancient wonders are iconic symbols of Egypt’s history.
  • The Egyptian Museum houses an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun.
  • Islamic Cairo: Explore the historic mosques, bustling bazaars, and the stunning Citadel of Saladin.
  • Coptic Cairo: Discover the Hanging Church, Coptic Museum, and the ancient Babylon Fortress.
  • Khan El Khalili: This vibrant market offers a glimpse into Cairo’s bustling atmosphere and is perfect for shopping and experiencing local culture.

What are some famous dishes to try in Cairo?

Cairo is known for its delicious cuisine. Some famous dishes to try include:

  • Koshary: A hearty vegetarian dish consisting of rice, pasta, lentils, and crispy fried onions.
  • Ful Medames: A traditional Egyptian breakfast dish made from slow-cooked fava beans.
  • Shawarma: Thinly sliced meat (often chicken or beef) wrapped in flatbread with tahini, vegetables, and sauces.
  • Molokhia: A famous green soup made from jute leaves, usually served with rice, chicken, or rabbit.
  • Umm Ali: A delightful Egyptian bread pudding made with puff pastry, milk, nuts, and raisins.

Is it safe to explore Cairo’s nightlife?

Cairo offers a vibrant nightlife scene with various clubs, bars, and entertainment venues. However, as with any city, it’s essential to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines. Stick to well-known and reputable establishments, stay in well-lit and crowded areas, and be aware of your surroundings. Checking with locals or your hotel for recommendations and safety information is always good.

Can I find luxury shopping options in Cairo?

Yes, Cairo has several luxury shopping options for those seeking high-end brands and upscale shopping experiences. Some renowned shopping destinations include the Cairo Festival City Mall, Citystars Mall, and Mall of Egypt. These malls feature many international and local luxury brands, boutiques, and designer stores.

How can I book a Cairo holiday package?

There are multiple ways to book a Cairo holiday package. You can contact travel agencies specializing in Egypt tours in person or online. Alternatively, you can use popular travel websites and platforms that offer customizable packages, flights, accommodations, and other services. It’s advisable to compare prices, read reviews, and ensure the package includes the desired attractions and services.

Is it necessary to dress modestly in Cairo?

While Cairo is a modern city, it is advisable to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious or conservative areas. Both men and women should avoid wearing revealing or provocative clothing. Women may cover their shoulders, wear skirts or pants that reach the knees, and avoid tight-fitting or transparent outfits. Men should also avoid walking shirtless in public. By dressing respectfully, you will show cultural sensitivity and blend in with the local customs.

Are there family-friendly Cairo holiday packages available?

Yes, there are family-friendly holiday packages available in Cairo. Many tour operators and travel agencies offer packages that cater to families, including child-friendly accommodations, activities, and attractions for all ages. These packages often include visits to attractions like the pyramids, museums, parks, and cultural shows. It’s best to inquire with tour operators or travel agencies about the specific family-friendly features of the package you’re interested in.

Can I explore Cairo’s hidden gems?

Absolutely! Cairo has hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Apart from the well-known landmarks, you can explore lesser-known attractions and experiences. Consider visiting Al-Azhar Park, a beautiful green space with stunning city views. You can also explore the historic Al-Muizz Street, known for its medieval architecture and hidden treasures. To discover more hidden gems, consider hiring a local guide who can take you off the beaten path and showcase Cairo’s hidden wonders.


What to bring with you on a trip to Egypt?

When planning a trip to Egypt, it’s important to pack the right items to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some things to consider bringing with you:

  1. Sunscreen: Egypt is a desert country, and the sun can be intense, so it’s important to pack sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin.

  2. Comfortable walking shoes: Many of Egypt’s top attractions involve a lot of walking, so make sure you bring comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain.

  3. Lightweight clothing: Egypt can be hot, so pack light clothing from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Packing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees is also a good idea, particularly if you plan to visit religious sites.

  4. Scarf or shawl: Women visiting Egypt may want to bring a scarf or shawl to cover their heads when entering mosques or other religious sites.

  5. Water bottle: Staying hydrated is important in Egypt’s hot climate, so bring a reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day.

  6. Insect repellent: Mosquitoes can be a problem in some regions of Egypt, particularly during the summer, so pack insect repellent to keep them at bay.

  7. Camera: Egypt is a country full of fantastic photo opportunities, so bring a camera to capture all the incredible sights.

  8. Power adapter: Egypt uses European-style power sockets, so if you’re coming from outside Europe, you’ll need to bring a power adapter to charge your electronic devices.

Packaging these essential items will prepare you for a comfortable and enjoyable trip to Egypt.

Advices for women while traveling to Egypt

Traveling as a woman in Egypt can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure your safety and comfort. Here are some tips for women traveling to Egypt:

  1. Dress conservatively: Egypt is a Muslim country, and it’s important to respect local customs and dress conservatively. It’s a good idea to cover your shoulders and knees when in public places, especially when visiting mosques or other religious sites.

  2. Avoid walking alone at night: It’s best to avoid walking alone at night, especially in quiet or poorly-lit areas. Instead, take a taxi or use a ride-hailing app to get around.

  3. Use a guide or tour group: Using a guide or tour group can be a good idea, especially if you’re traveling alone. This can help you navigate local customs and culture, and can provide an extra layer of safety.

  4. Be cautious with alcohol: Drinking alcohol in public is prohibited in Egypt, and it’s important to be cautious with alcohol consumption. Stick to drinking in licensed bars and restaurants, and avoid getting drunk in public.

  5. Be aware of your surroundings: It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings, especially when traveling in a new place. Be cautious of pickpockets, scams, and other potential dangers, and trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  6. Research local customs and culture: Researching local customs and culture can help you better understand the country and avoid inadvertently offending locals. For example, it’s important to remove your shoes when entering a mosque, and to avoid physical contact with people of the opposite sex in public.

By following these tips and being aware of local customs and culture, women can have a safe and enjoyable experience traveling in Egypt.

Learn Arabic words to enjoy your visit to Egypt

Learning a few Arabic words and phrases can enhance your experience when visiting Egypt, as it shows respect for the local culture and can help you communicate with locals. Here are some Arabic words and phrases to know:

  • Salaam Alaikum: This is a common Arabic greeting that means “peace be upon you.” Locals will appreciate it if you greet them with this phrase.
  • Shukran: This means “thank you.” It’s always polite to show gratitude when someone helps you or does something for you.
  • Sabah Al-Khair: This means “good morning.” It’s a polite way to greet someone in the morning.
  • Masaa Al-Khair: This means “good evening.” It’s a polite way to greet someone in the evening.
  • Laa Shukran: This means “no, thank you.” You can use this phrase when declining an offer or a service.
  • Min Fadlak: This means “please.” You can use this word when making a request.
  • Afwan: This means “you’re welcome.” You can use this word to respond to someone who has thanked you.
  • Aiwa: This means “yes.” It’s a simple way to answer a question in the affirmative.
  • Laa: This means “no.” It’s a simple way to answer a question in the negative.
  • Ma’a Salama: This means “goodbye” or “go with peace.” It’s a polite way to bid farewell.

By learning these basic Arabic words and phrases, you can show respect for the local culture and communicate more effectively with locals during your visit to Egypt.

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