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At Egypt Planners, responsible travel is the key to creating sustainable and meaningful experiences for our clients and the communities we visit. We strive to minimize the negative impact of tourism while maximizing the positive benefits for local people and the environment. Here’s how we promote responsible travel:

Supporting Local Communities

We work closely with local communities to create tourism opportunities that benefit them directly. We prioritize partnerships with local businesses and locally owned and operated accommodations and support social enterprises and community-based tourism initiatives.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

We recognize tourism’s impact on the environment and take steps to minimize that impact. We follow responsible waste management practices, reduce plastic usage, and promote the conservation and protection of natural resources. We also encourage our clients to respect the environment and minimize their impact during their travels.

Cultural Awareness and Respect

Egypt has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and we believe promoting cultural awareness and respect is important. We encourage our clients to learn about local customs and traditions and to engage in respectful and meaningful interactions with local people. We also work with local guides who know the local culture and can provide our clients with authentic and insightful experiences.

Ethical Animal Tourism

We believe animals should not be used for entertainment or tourism activities that harm their welfare. We do not offer activities like riding elephants, visiting animal shows, or petting zoos. Instead, we promote responsible wildlife tourism, such as visiting ethical sanctuaries contributing to conservation efforts, and respecting the animals’ well-being.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the communities we visit. We support local community projects and initiatives and encourage our clients to participate in responsible tourism activities that contribute to the local economy and support community development.

At Egypt Planners, we are committed to responsible travel that benefits both our clients and the communities we visit. Contact us to learn more about our responsible travel practices and how we can help you plan a sustainable and meaningful travel experience in Egypt.

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